Mo (whitebelladonna) wrote,

The Definition of Ghost

Sometimes when people die, they don't notice. They know something spiraled downward but don't notice the difference, except now they are just going through the motions. 2000 years ago she died. but i am still alive. they will kill me when they write books about me. hahahahaha that is my joke on you. it doesn't matter because i get it. oh yeah, and if that's what people say, that's interesting because they don't even know about where then did they find out? oh you. silly silly you. its honestly better to be a grown up. don't listen to what they say. except when you are sick. i bought a new car, burned the cat and started some new projects, doesn't really matter if people think my projects are a joke. because my friends like them and they are a great source of entertainment.
Definition of friends: people you get along with and like. not people you see as bigger pieces of shit than yourself so you hang out with them to feel better about yourself. then you go along surrounding yourself with pieces of shit so you'll be able to get through your day. but those people are actually people you just have a stereotype on so you never really get to know them and you are just convincing yourself that they are shitty. but damn them if they prove you wrong. then you are too good for them, over and over again. there is no getting back. once you jump off the ride you break and not in the romantic sense. More like the "i was so stuck up my own self-glorified ass that i never really had a chance in the first place" sense.
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