Mo (whitebelladonna) wrote,

work work work work work

So after a slight nervous break down last week, i've finally got everything back under control. Relationships to stressful, fixed it. House a reck, cleaned it. Jobs taking to much of my time...quit them both! Found a position that will pay just as much as both my other jobs. thank god. maybe now i can have a social life. Something had to go. Selma is licking my couch right now...i think she is just planning on eating it. it's not even paid off yet. sabastian is resting in the remains of what used to be my loveseat...also isn't paid off yet. now their trying to eat the new cat. i heard about someone on ebay who would take a picture of a cute puppy then have a picture of a gun or knife and have people bid on how much they would pay to save that puppy's life. hmmm. now there's an idea.
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