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for the gun...oh yes oh yes theory...if i had picked another path in life...i would be gone today...i would be on my way to boot camp right silly...instead i am working at petland....
right now i wish i could drive...only 6 more days until i take my test then i could drive...if i could now...i would drive and pick ali up and ask her why she is mad at me...
then i would drive and pick justin up and go and introduce him to lee because i realized that i have this weird need for justin to see all the guys i date...i notice his great taste and i like his aproval...i miss you justin....if you ever get ready...i still need a roomate...jeremiah might not be able to because of his bills he has to pay
i just made a joke to my mom about me getting married...she didn't laugh...
but i must go...i have wasted enough time already when i must be getting ready for work...
love mo
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